Best Grass Seeds for Full Sun

Full sun is usually ideal for growing lovely Lush Grass and less hassle than growing grass in shaded areas.

Though there is a difference between cool seasons and warm-season grass types, your full sun grass needs to tolerate much more heat.

This article looks at some Grass Types that grow well in full sun and some of the best available Seeds for Grass for Full Sun.

Best Full Sun Grasses

Generally, FULL SUN refers to lawn areas that get eight or more hours of sun a day, compared to Semi-Shade areas that get around half the amount of sun in a day.
Most Grass Types welcome more hours of sun. Although some require a bit of shade.
You will notice from my list that Pennington affiliated bred Grass varieties offer better drought tolerance and improved resistance to lawn diseases and insects, as well as thriving in full sun areas,

Turf Types Tall fescue Grasses excel in a variety of climates and also flourish in full sunlight, whereas Kentucky Bluegrass tolerates Full sun and semi-shade in warmer climates.

So generally, most grass types will flourish in full sun areas. It is advised to look for Grass types labeled as WARM SEASON GRASSES for a Full Sun area.

Choosing the Right Full Sun Grass

Besides being tolerant to Full Sun, other factors will impact your choice of Grass for your garden;

  • Cool Season Grass – Tall Fescue-type grasses tolerate full sun and summer heat but stay green during cold winter, so they are ideal all-season grass types. There are different Fescue grass varieties besides the coarser Tall leaf type, such as the turf and dwarf varieties with a softer and finer texture.
  • Heavy Use Grass – One of the best Grass Types for heavy use is Zoysia Grass. Zoysia grass tolerates full sun and shade and also needs a minimal amount of water. Bermuda Grass likewise tolerates heavy traffic and use and is ideal for full sun areas.
  • Salt Tolerating Grass – If you live in an area close to the sea, you will also need to consider a salt-tolerant type of grass, St. Augustine Grass is usually the best option in this case. They can tolerate high heat conditions, full sun, and salty soil.

Features of a Good Grass Seeds for Full Sun

So let us discuss the Features of the Best Available Grass Types that are ideal for Full Sun areas;

sunny lawn grass

  • Bermuda Grass – Bermuda Grass us ideal fr warm seasons and very hot weather. This Grass Type is also drought tolerant and can rebound very well from any damage or disease. Because of its aggressive nature, it can become a bit of a pest when it gets into your flower beddings.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass – Kentucky Bluegrass is ideal for the cooler season and colder climates. Kentucky Bluegrass makes for a stunning lawn in full sun but at a bit of a price tag and high maintenance.
  • Tall Fescue – Tall fescue Grass is also a cool-season grass with a deep root system that can tolerate full sun exposure. Tall Fescue likewise has a high drought tolerance and prefers full sun to shade.
  • Zoysia – Zoysia is a warm Climate Grass that is the highest quality grass that you will find. Zoysia grass is very low maintenance, slow-growing, dense, and enjoys full sun areas,

Reviews: The Best Grass Seeds for Full Suns

So from there, let us look at some of the best available seeds for Grass that work well in Full Sun areas;


Scotts Turf Builder Seeds are Bermuda Grass Seeds for full sun areas.

  • You can choose between a 1lb, 5lb, 10lb, or 40lb seed amount option.
  • Bermuda Grass is ideal for the scorching heat and all-day full sun as well as for drought areas.
  • The thick and lush grass will spread aggressively throughout your yard.
  • The Seeds contain exclusive 4 in 1 WaterSmart PLUS coatings that allow absorption of twice the amount of water than most uncoated seeds,
  • Thus the Grass grows much faster, thicker, and also greener.
  • Because of the finer grass blades, it is much softer and also more drought resistant.


Pennington Tall fescue Grass is another top favorite when it comes to Grass for Full Sun areas.

  • The Tall fescue Grass maintains a deep green color throughout the growing season and grows aggressively.
  • You will receive a seven-pound bag of seeds that covers up to 1750 square feet in your yard.
  • Tall fescue grass does better in cooler climates and full sun areas.
  • The package also contains Pennington’s exclusive pekoe technology that ensures better plant growth.


Zenith’s Zoysia Grass is a versatile Grass-type that grows well in full sun, shade, and partial sun areas.

  • Zoysia grass is well considered one of the most sought-after and beautiful grass types for lawns available in seed form.
  • This specific brand ensures that the Zoysia grass will stay greener much longer into the year than other Zoysia grasses.
  • The seeds are available in a 6lbs or a 30lbs amount, and 2 to 3 lbs of seed will cover around 1000 square feet.


Another favorite from Scotts Turf Builder is their Sunny Seed Blend for full sun areas.

  • You can choose between two seed pack options as you require.
  • The mixed seeds include a variety of sun-loving Grass types that are also high heat tolerant,
  • The grass will grow fast and thrive in full sun.
  • The seeds are also coated with the exclusive four-in-one WaterSmart PLUS for better water absorption and faster growth.
  • The Fine blades textures have a medium to high drought tolerance.


Pennington Kentucky Grass is also a Tall fescue Grass ideal for full sun areas.

  • Kentucky grass will grow well in full sun and partial shade areas, so it is quite versatile.
  • The Grass is very durable for high traffic areas, as well as low maintenance.
  • The seeds will produce light green grass that is drought resistant.
  • Germination time is usually around fourteen days.


If You are looking for Grass seeds to fill spots in your law in full sun, then the Pennington Bermuda Grass spot filler is perfect.

  • Here you have a choice between the Bermuda Grass or the Tall fescue Grass,
  • The 8.3-pound bag is perfect for filling small open spots in your Garden.
  • You will have new fresh grass covering empty areas in three weeks or less.
  • The mix comes with everything you need already pre-mixed into the blend.


  • The Natures Seed are turf seeds for full sun.
  • They need no filler.
  • The seeds germinate very quickly.
  • Ideal for full sun areas.


  • The Jonathan Green Black beauty is Ultra Grass seeds.
  • They flourish in full sun and cover 2800 square feet.
  • The grass has an invisible waxy coating for drought tolerance.
  • Naturally insect resistant.


  • The Bonide seeds are ideal for full sun areas.
  • The grass is drought and heat resistant.
  • Comes in a seven-pound bag.
  • Ideal for a green lawn.


  • From Outsidepride, we also have full sun grass seeds.
  • The seeds will germinate fast and are hardy.
  • The grass enjoys full sun.
  • Ideal for putting ranges.

Index Table: Top Rated Grass Seeds for Full Suns

1Scotts Turf Builder - Grass Seeds for Full Sun
  • Size Options
  • Water Smart
  • Fine Bladed Texture Grass
2Pennington Smart Tall - Fescue Grass Seeds for Full Sun
  • Less Mowing
  • Adaptive to Many Soils
  • Pekoe Technology
3Zenith Zoysia - Grass Seeds for Full Sun
  • Greener for Longer
  • Sun and Shade
  • Size Options
4Scotts Turf Builder - Grass Seeds for Full Sun
  • One or Two Pack Option
  • Sun Loving
  • grows Very Quickly
5Pennington Kentucky - Tall Fescue Grass Seeds for Full Sun
  • Fescue Grass
  • Tall Grass
  • Full Sun Loving
6Pennington One Step - Spot Repair Grass Seeds for Full Sun
  • Bermuda Grass
  • Tall Fescue
  • Repairs Bare Spots In Between Grass
7Nature’s Seed Turf-Lope - Grass Seeds for Full Sun
  • Ryegrass Seed
  • Full Sun
  • High Traffic
Nature’s Seed97.5
8Jonathan Green Black Beauty - Grass Seeds for Full Sun
  • Seed Mix
  • Full Sun Grass
Jonathan Green97.2
9Bonide Deluxe - Grass Seeds for Full Sun
  • Drought Resistant
  • High heat and Full Sun
10Outside Pride PennCross - Grass Seeds for Full Sun
  • Creeping Bent Grass
  • Full Sun
Outside Pride97

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