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If you think about it the cutting line of a string trimmer actually does all the work, slicing through tough weeds and grasses.

The trimmer lines us hard enough to cut through grass and weeds however soft enough to break against harder objects such as rocks and metal, or fence posts.

Therefore you need the best Trimmer line for your string trimmer.

The String Trimmer and How It Works

When you need to keep your lawn neat and tidy a string trimmer is your best option in a multi-functional workhorse. You can use it to mow down hard-to-access areas trim your grass and weeds in all areas where a mower will not be able to reach.
With such as a variety of applications as well as the right attachments to meet those applications, you will need to settle on a specific setup. You need to pick the right size trimmer string for your trimmer and its functions.

A string trimmer uses a monofilament line that cuts through grass, weeds, and small woody plants, It spins at a very high speed and the cutting head generates enough centrifugal force that holds the line at a stiff and horizontal angle, to make cutting possible.

The height of the arch of the string trimmer can be manually adjusted by the operator for cutting around trees, rocks, and walls. The trimmer can likewise be turned vertically to edge outlines that are near the sidewalls and driveways.

Many Trimmer models have cutting heads and lines that can be switched out to accommodate a variety of line gages, You will need to look at what gauges your cutting line will be able to handle. You get thinner spooled lines, thicker pre-cut lines, serrated and squared lines, or even blades and chains that you can use on a trimmer, Trimmer lines will also come in a variety of shapes, thicknesses, and colors, as well as different materials.

String Trimmer Line Options

  • Basic Trimmer Line – Most trimmers have a basic industry standard cutting trimmer line, It mostly consists of Monofilament Nylon and ranges in diameter according to durability. Thicker lines are more durable, however require more engine power.
  • Reinforced Cutting Line – Many manufactures create a nylon trimmer line that they reinforce with other materials, Nylon lines are reinforced internally to prevent breakage. Usually, a small mold of aluminum is placed in the nylon line for reinforcement, Other options are composite nylon, or polymers added it the nylon for reinforcement.
  • Trimmer Line Styles – Trimmer lines also come in a few different styles and shapes for specific cutting purposes, The round shapes are less resistant to breakage however it gives the grass a rougher look because it tears rather than cuts, Other shapes include Diamond, square and six-sided lines, which have much sharper edges than a rounded line.
  • Other Options – Many trimmer heads today can actually use a variety of cutting tools despite just a trimmer line. They can be metal brushes blades and even chains.

Features of a Good Trimmer Line


  • Thickness – The general rule of thumb with the trimmer line is that the tougher the application of the line, the thicker the trimmer line will need to be. A larger diameter or thicker trimmer line is generally much more durable and less prone to breaking. For lighter work however you can opt for a thinner trimmer line.
  • Shape – Trimming line comes in different shapes. The round trimmer line is the most durable, however does not cut through vegetation very smoothly but rather tears ate it. While square or star-shaped trimmer lines will give much more precision and smooth cut.
  • Material – Trimmer lines usually consist of a very durable and resistant nylon, however, some trimmer lines may be reinforced with Composite nylon or metal in the core to make it more durable.

Reviews: The Best Trimmer Lines

These are some of our top choices in durable and effective Trimmer lines;


  • The Cyclone desert Extrusion is a commercial grade trimmer line.
  • The Trimmer Line is 0.095 Inch Diameter and 855 Feet Long.
  • It has a patented 6 blade shape for added cutting power.
  • The choice of many landscaping professionals.


  • The Rotary store brings you the Vortex Trimmer line.
  • This is a 095″ (2.41mm) trimmer line that has a length of 1140′ (347m).
  • It is a premium quality Vortex trimmer line.
  • The line is made in the United States of America.


  • The Dewalt Trimmer line is durable and ideal for your trimmer.
  • It comes in a few available options in length and thickness; 50-Feet by 0.080-Inches, 144-Feet by 0.095-Inches, and 225-Feet by 0.080-Inches.
  • The trimmer lines consist of very durable and strong, flexible, and impact-resistant materials.
  • It also has a very aerodynamic shape and design.


  • From Maxpower we have a residential grade round-shaped trimmer line.
  • It has an 855-foot length and is 095 inches in thickness.
  • The trimmer lines are orange in color and consist of durable nylon.
  • It includes a 3lb spool of round-cut trimmer line and there are 42 refills in the package for your trimmer.


  • From Stihl, a top brand we also have some of the best trimmer line options.
  • This is a 095-inch-thick trimmer line that is orange in color and 280 inches in length and 1lb in weight.
  • You get one roll in the package in an orange color.
  • It is extremely durable and ideal for most trimmer models and brands.


  • From Oregon, we have a heavy-duty professional trimmer line for your trimmer.
  • It has different length options; 25 ft, 42 ft, 246 ft, and 413 ft.
  • The trimmer line has very high cutting efficiency and allows you straighter and much cleaner cuts.
  • It is durable with a high-strength inner core that resists breaking.
  • The trimmer line has a square shape that can evenly and cleanly slice through vegetation.

Index Table: Top Rated Trimmer Lines

1Cyclone Desert Extrusion - Trimmer Line
  • Orange
  • 095 Inch
  • Copolymer
2Rotary Vortex - Trimmer Line
  • Quality
  • 095 Inch
3Dewalt 225 Foot - Durable Trimmer Line
  • Length Options
  • 080 Inch
4Maxpower 333695 - Residential Grade Round Trimmer Line
  • Round
  • Residentail Grade
  • 095 Inch
5Stihl Orange - Trimmer Line
  • 1LB
  • orange Colors
  • Durable
6Oregon 22-855 - Trimmer Line
  • Square String Trimmer
  • Length Options

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