Best Gardening Cart

A good quality and well-constructed gardening cart can be quite a handy tool for avid gardeners.

The best gardening cart will have a low center of gravity, a flat bottom design, and wheels with tires that will not go flat.

The Gardening Cart

A garden cart is a straight-sided small vehicle with two to four wheels, a storage area where you can tote garden tools and items, and a push or pull handle.

Garden carts come in various shapes and sizes, with different weight capacities, and they can also have two, three, or four wheels and a handle that you can push, pull, or both.

Types of Gardening Carts

Garden Carts are available in different shapes, designs, and sizes for different purposes.

There are essentially six basic types of gardening carts with different tasks for which they are best suited to;

  • Hand Trolleys – The hand trolley or hand truck is a cart that has an upright design and two wheels, used for heavy loads and much more precise placement. Gardeners use the hand trolley to move large branches and boulders into place. They also come in handy for moving large crates, appliances, and other equipment in your garage or workshop.
  • Electric Gardening Carts – Electric gardening carts are the more expensive and high-end side of gardening carts. They are self-propelled and walk behind designs that require electrical power. These powerful carts are ideal for heavier loads and may come with manual or electric dump beds. Most of them have an electrical motor that runs on rechargeable batteries, usually lasting between half an hour to an hour.
  • Foldable Gardening Carts – Foldable Gardening carts are ideal if you lack space or storage and only need a gardening cart occasionally. They can fold up ad can be easily stored away for use next time. They also most likely consist of durable but very lightweight materials and are not the most heavy-duty of designs.
  • Flatbed Gardening Carts – These are basically flat platforms that run on wheels. Some may have convertible or removable side panels to function as a cart or a flatbed all-in-one device. Flatbeds offer easy removal when you load them with bags of soil, mulch, or trays of plants. They are also very easy for loading oversized items.
  • Utility Wagon Gardening Cart – This form of the gardening cart is a general all-purpose and heavy-duty garden cart design that is used to handle anything from plants to soil, bricks, and garden debris. They operate manually or may have an electric motor similar to a lawnmower’s. Most Utility wagons have a fixed bed with sides and can include a dump bed to tilt and empty contents.
  • Dump Gardening Carts – Dump Carts for gardening are four-wheeled design carts with a hinged bed and an independent tilt function of the frame, similar to a dump truck. They are designed to simplify offloading bulk materials such as soil, leaves, weeds, and garden debris. Most will consist of a smooth plastic that cleans easily and empties easily without snagging in branches and other materials. Metal Dump Carts are ideal for larger items such as rocks, firewood, and branches.

Features of a Good Gardening Cart

Gorilla Carts

  • Materials – Most heavy-duty gardening carts will have a strong metal with a rust-resistant coating, whereas lighter-duty carts can have plastic. The tires are often rubber or plastic and ideal for performing on various terrains. Materials used are durable and weather resistant, designed for outdoor and garden use.
  • Capacity – Garden carts have a weight capacity of the maximum amount of weight they can hold and storage capacity for the items you need to carry. They are usually a minimum of 200 lbs and 750 lbs in weight capacity for the more heavy-duty designs usually weigh 200 lbs and .
  • Wagon Or Cart – Traditionally, a Gardening Wagon has four wheels and a single handle at the front that you pull the cart with. The cart will have two wheels and one handle at the front or the rear that can be pushed or pulled. Although there were these differences between the two, most people make use of the word wagon and cart somewhat interchangeably, so all the two and four-wheeled devices are seen as carts or wagons, either way.
  • The Handle – The handle, whether a pull or push gardening cart, must be comfortable and highly functional. A thick handle with a cushioned or padded ergonomic grip is ideal and comfortable for a long day in the garden. The handle position needs to be the right height to push or pull comfortably, and you should not have to bend over to handle the cart.

Reviews: The Best Gardening Carts

In our list, we have a variety of some of the best gardening carts for all purposes;


  • From Gorilla Carts, we have their heavy-duty steel cart that has removable sides.
  • The cart has a weight capacity of 1000 lbs which is quite hefty.
  • It has removable steel mesh sides, making it versatile for carrying much larger loads.
  • The convertible two-in-one handle is padded for your comfort.


  • The Suncast Resin cart with wheels has a multi-purpose design.
  • It is a 15.5-gallon size and has two wheels.
  • The cart is durable, heavy-duty resin plastic, and extremely easy to clean.
  • There is a telescoping handle that extends for comfort and compatibility for all users.


  • Another addition from Gorilla Crats is their heavy-duty poly yard dump cart.
  • The two-in-one design has a convertible handle that can be used for push and pull functions.
  • It has 13-inch pneumatic tires and a heavy-duty rust-proof bed.
  • The handle is padded and comfortable to use.


  • The Timber Ridge is a foldable and collapsible gardening Cart.
  • The cart has a large capacity when unfolded and a large storage bag.
  • It is quick and easy to set up with no assembly required.
  • The 360 degree rotating front wheels are elementary to haul.


  • From Worx, we have the Aerocart gardening cart.
  • The Gardening cart has a 200-lb capacity weight and is a smaller and more compact design.
  • It has a turbo lift function that provides leverage when you need to lift larger loads.
  • The tires are a flat-free design that will always give you a very smooth ride.


  • The Last entry from Gorilla Crats is their Large Steel Utility wheeled cart.
  • The cart has a 10-inch, no-fat foam-filled, maintenance-free tire set.
  • The large bedroom has an 800lbs load capacity and is very durable.
  • A two-in-one convertible handle allows it to be trailered along with a lawn tractor or ATV.
  • The frame has a new and improved design.


  • The Juggernaut is the ideal Gardening cart.
  • The cart is a steel utility wagon.
  • It has a 400lb load capacity.
  • The cart has 10-inch pneumatic tires.


  • The VivHome Garden Cart comes in quite a few color options.
  • It is a Heavy Duty Garden cart.
  • You can easily fold it for storage.
  • The cart consists of durable alloy steel.


  • From Best Choice, we have two options for gardening carts.
  • It is a heavy-duty design with a 400lb weight capacity.
  • The cart has removable sides and a longer handle.
  • Multi-Purpose and very durable.


  • From Gorilla Carts, we have a more lightweight garden cart.
  • It can carry a 300 lbs load.
  • The cart is impact-resistant and can handle tough jobs.
  • It is quick and easy to assemble and use.

Index Table: Top Rated Gardening Carts

1Gorillas Carts - Heavy Duty Gardening Cart
  • Removable Sides
  • Heavy Duty
  • Padded Handle
Gorillas Carts98
2Suncast Resin - Multi-Purpose Gardening Cart
  • Large
  • Two Wheel
  • Telescooping Handle
3Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty - Convertible Handle Garden Cart
  • Two In One
  • Durable
  • Heavy Duty Size
Gorilla Carts97
4Timber Ridge Collapsible - Folding Garden Cart
  • Foldable
  • Durable
  • Large Capacity
Timber Ridge97.7
5Worx Aerocart - Gardening Cart
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Eight In One Design
6Gorilla Carts No-Flat Tires - Gardening Cart
  • No Flat Tires
  • Convertible
  • Removable Sides
Gorilla Carts97.5
7Juggernaut Steel - Gardening Cart
  • 400 LB Load
  • Steel
8Vivohome Heavy Duty - Gardening Cart
  • 880lbs Capacity
  • Color Options
9Best Choice Heavy Duty - Gardening Cart
  • Steel
  • 400LB capacity
Best Choice97.7
10Gorilla Carts 300 Pund Capacity;Durable - Gardening Cart
  • Impact Resistant
  • 300LBS Capacity
Gorilla Carts97.6

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