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Some call it a shovel. Some call it a spade. In all honesty, there is actually a difference between the two, but today we will mainly be concentrating on the best gardening shovel and all its fantastic uses.

Spade VS Shovel

Then we do get to the argument of a shovel or spade. Many people call a shovel a spade, and a spade a shovel, in general, however when you get technical, the spade and the shovel are two completely different designs on their own.

A shovel has a much more curved blade and an angled handle for you to lie it flat on the ground so that you can easily shift a pile of topsoil, gravel, or other materials to a harder surface.

Whereas a spade is a straight blade with no angle in the handle, and the blade is more square and flat, The spade is designed more for digging and cutting or defining edges rather than scooping up materials.

You can perform the same tasks with both a spade and shove. However, you will struggle much more and get much less done if you use the wrong one.

So, all in all,l a shovel is easier to use for scooping, and a spade is easier to use for cutting and digging.


Using a Shovel Safely

Sure it may seem pretty easy to use a shovel, grab hold of the handle, shovel it into the pile of ground or material you want to move, scoop, and throw.

However, while you may have a general idea, the force required to lift heavy materials and to impact a spade may cause you injuries if you do to do it properly.

So here are a few golden rules for using a shovel safely;

  • What You Need – You will need the right spade or shovel for the job, a pair of durable and well-fitting gloves to protect your hand against blisters, and some sturdy and well-covering footwear to prevent toes from getting injured.
  • Shovelling – When you are ready to shovel, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hips facing the shovel. Keep the shovel in a vertical position and hold the handle with both your hands. Firmly push the shovel at a very flat angle into the pile that you will need to lift or dig and try to maintain a straight back. Keep in mind to bend your knees and not your back when you lever the blade towards you and lift the soil on the blade. Now you can place or throw the soil or materials onto a wheelbarrow or into the area where you need it.
  • Safety Tips – If you want to use a shovel safely and without injury, keep in mind some protective equipment such as your gloves and good footwear. Make sure you keep your back straight at all times, and rather bend at your knees when you need to lower your body or bend down. Make sure that the area where you want to deposit the soil or materials is close by or rather use a small wheelbarrow to transport it.
  • What to Avoid – Try to shovel after you are warmed up from other tasks or do some light stretching, do not just start the job straight out of bed or a sedentary position. Be careful not to lift too much weight with each scoop and only lift what you can handle. Take a break between shoveling and staying hydrated. Also, keep a proper posture to prevent repetition injuries.

Features of a Good Gardening Shovel According To Type

Whether you call it a shovel, spade,e or trowel, a scraper, scoop, or whatever its use may be, choosing the right shovel for your needs is imperative.

I have divided the different types of shovels and included all their features and uses according to the type of shovel to make your choice easier;

  • Digging Shovel – The Digging shovel usually has a more straight-up handle that is not offset from the blade. This specific style provides needed leverage when you are prying up and digging up materials. Most digging shovels will also have a more pointed tip blade to help you easily cut into the soil.
  • Trenching Shovel – The Trenching shovel has a more long and narrow blade with a pointed tip and is usually not much wider than 4 to 6 inches. The Trenching shovel is designed to make narrow trenches in the garden for laying irrigation pipes or to remove small materials to avoid disrupting the trench.
  • Drain Spades – Drain spades are similar to trench shovels varying slightly. Even if they are not classified as a shovel, they may still be included. The Drain Spade or shovel has a rounded tip and curved edge. It is used for transplanting and clearing out debris from trenches. They are also often referred to as transplanting spades or shovels.
  • Scoop Shovels – Scoop Shovels are designed to move materials that are already dugout. Scoop shovels are ideal for moving and spreading much compost, snow, grain, gravel, and similar materials. Depending on the materials you will want to move, you get heavy and lightweight scop Shovels.

When Selecting a specific shovel, you will also need to consider blade materials such as plastic, steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. Then the handle size, grip, and construction are also important for a comfortable grip and durable design. Handles can be wood, metal, fiberglass, or plastic.

Reviews: The Best Gardening Shovels

In our extensive list we have a variety of some of the best available garden shovels;


  • From Spear Head Spade, we have a full gardening shovel for digging.
  • The shovel has a steel-reinforced fiberglass handle, with a cushioned D-Grip and ergonomic shape for handling.
  • The blade is hardened steel that is durable and rust-resistant.
  • The digging shovel is extremely strong and durable for all digging needs.


  • The Nupla shovel is a round-point design shovel.
  • The shovel has an ergonomic design handle to prevent fatigue and provide a more safe work experience.
  • The power handles offer the highest performance and comfort with Nuplaglas cores and a contoured and molded unclad jacket cover.
  • The Shovels is 48 inches and ideal for a variety of gardening jobs.


  • From True Temper, we have the Polyscoop shovel for scooping.
  • It is available in three different size options from which you can select.
  • The shovel has a D-Grip handle for comfortable use consisting of 27 inches of hardwood.
  • The design is very sturdy and durable for removing soil, snow, and much.


  • The N/N shovel is designed for digging smaller areas.
  • It has a small round shape blade and is 28 inches in length.
  • The shovel has a d-Shaped handle for comfort and can be sued to move soil, snow, and mulch, as well as for digging.
  • The smaller size makes it ideal to use by children and for smaller garden jobs.


  • The Fiskars shovel is available in 46- and 51-inch size options.
  • It is a large shovel designed for edging, cutting trenches, and slicing through turf and dirt.
  • There is an extra-large D-shaped handle for secure two-handed control.
  • The blade is a welded 14-gauge hardened steel, and the is an 18-gauge steel shaft for stability.
  • The blade is sharpened and very durable.


  • The Truper Shovel is a Tough Round Point Shovel.
  • It has a North American Ash lacquered handle with a D-Grip for balance and better control.
  • The White Ash handle allows optimum ratios of resistance and flexibility.
  • There is also a none inch cushioned grip for improved grip and reduced hand fatigue.
  • The sturdy steel collar reinforces the head to handle assembly for durability.
  • A long-lasting tool at a very affordable price.


  • The Ames Garden shovel comes in a few options.
  • It has tempered steel with a fiberglass handle.
  • The shovel has a more rounded point blade.
  • The grip is oversized and cushioned for comfort.


  • The Bully Tools Shovel is a round-point shovel.
  • It is 14 Gauge and steel.
  • The handle is a coated fiberglass with a polyester veil.
  • The handle also has an easy D-grip.


  • The N/C square Shovel is ideal for gardening.
  • It has a D-Shaped handle for easy grip.
  • Multi-purpose uses and easy to use.
  • Also has a long service life.


  • From Forest Hill, we have the shovel for scooping snow and other materials.
  • It is large and has a large blade.
  • There is a comfortable D-grip handle.
  • The handle consists of a durable hardwood.

Index Table: Top Rated Gardening Shovels

1Spear Head Spade Steel - Gardening Shovel
  • Fiberglass Handle
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hardened Blade
Spear Head Spade98
2Nupla Round Pint - Gardening Shovel
  • Ergonomic
  • Power Handles
  • Durable
3True Temper D-Grip - Gardening Shovel
  • Hardwood Handle
  • Steel
  • Options
True Temper97
4N/N Digging - Small Gardening Shovel
  • Round
  • Small
  • Durable
5Fiskars D-Handle - Garden Shovel
  • Steel
  • D-handle
  • Wood Handle
6Truper True Tough - Gardening Shovel
  • Round Point Shovel Design
  • D-Handle
7Ames Tempered Steel - Steel Garden Shovel
  • Fiberglass Handle
  • Tempered Steel
8Bully Tools 14 Gauge - Garden Shovel
  • Fiberglass Handle
  • D-Handle Grip
Bully Tools97.2
9N/C Square - Garden Shovel
  • D-Handle
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
10Forest Hill Poly Snow - Garden Shovel
  • D-Grip
  • Hardwood Handle
Forest Hill97

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