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Can you find the perfect solution for a fill for your paver joints? Well, then, look no further than the best polymeric sandal.

Polymeric sand can be placed between the spaces of pavers to give a more natural appeal and a durable paver joint fill option.

Polymeric Sand and How to Use It

Unpacking the polymeric sand
The polymeric sandal is a synthetic material that fills paver joints and empty spaces between pavers, tiles, and other natural stones.

It may sometimes be called jointing, paver sandal, or hardscape sand.

Polymeric sand consists of fine grains that manufacturers add to many other additive particles. When polymeric sandal comes in contact with water, it acts like a powerful bonding agent that binds together concrete elements.

Polymeric sand is used for paving installation because it joins easily and evenly and helps prevent weed growth and insect infestation.

Polymeric sand helps keep paving and walkways well-aligned and prevents them from moving during rain and weather changes. It also prevents weeds from growing.
Polymeric sand is a simple and easy application product that is a miracle worker for your paving, with sand mixed with silica and various polymers that activate with water to form a flexible concrete bonding material.

One of the primary benefits of polymeric sand is that you can use it over regular sand, and it will harden up by solidifying and bonding to surrounding pavers. It gives an extra line of strength to keep pavers together and prevent them from separating or shifting.

It seals off paver joints when it bonds to prevent weed growth and burrow insects from reaching the top. It also helps with heavy rains and prevents them from seeping underneath your pavers.

Benefits of Polymeric sand for Paver Jointing

Here are a few of the main benefits of using Polymeric sand in between pavers;
Pouring the polymeric sand

  • Very Durable – The Mixture of sand, grains, and added polymers and silica to polymeric sand creates a powerful binding agent that will secure and hold together pavers and other hardscape installation materials. It is much more durable and resistant to erosion than most conventional Jointing products, and it can increase the lifespan of any installation. Polymeric sand usually has some flex treatment or materials to make it more elastic, which adds to its durability.
  • Prevents Weeds and Insects – Because polymeric sand holds installations together more homogenously, it creates a very hostile environment for weeds and insects to infest.
  • Varying Colors – Paver Joints today have become an important part of landscaping with much interest in aesthetic value. Thus, most polymeric sand offers more color options to blend with landscaping décor and paver colors. The main two color options I have found so far are slate gray and beige, usually suited to most cool or warm-toned paver colors and the most regularly found color.
  • Quick and Easy Installation – Applying polymeric sand is fast and easy. You follow the instructions on the bag to get the best results. Most polymeric sandbags will also be fully waterproof and have a proper seal should some sand be left over for later use, as water or moisture will cause it to set and harden almost immediately.

Features of a Good Polymeric Sand

Confirming how perfectly easy to apply the polymeric sand

  • Size – You will need to consider the area where you will be paving and get the appropriate amount of polymeric sand for installation.
  • Adhesive – check that the Polymeric sand is covered with some form of adhesive for bonding.
  • Colors – Polymeric sand is available in various colors, and some models allow you to choose a color. The colors are usually more neutral.
  • Drying Time – Make sure to install the polymeric sand when it is dry and there is no rain forecast. You must wait 48 hours before it can become wet or hold heavy traffic. Polymeric sand dries quickly and will bond well.

Reviews: The Best Polymeric Sands

Here are some of our two choices in Polymeric sand options;
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  • The Rhino Power Bond polymeric sand is ideal for paver and stone joints.
  • It can be used for paver joints up to 4 inches in size.
  • It is dust and haze-free, and no blower is required.
  • It only needs a single watering and has a no-drainage application.


  • The Alliance Polymeric sand is super slate Gray.
  • Polymeric sand has advanced haze-free technology and can be used in thickness joints up to 1 inch.
  • It is ideal for drainage application and is rain-safe after 1 hour of activation.
  • The bag it comes in is also fully waterproof.


  • Here, we have a 45-pound bag of polymeric sand from Dominator.
  • The Polymeric sand is ideal for cold weather conditions.
  • It has ceramic flex technology for advanced flexibility and durability.
  • The Polymeric sand is professional-grade and ideal for joints up to 4 inches thick.

No dust haze-free one watering, no blower
  • The Gator Maxx g2 intelligent Polymeric sand is also a top favorite.
  • It comes in a neutral beige color and is ideal for warm-colored paving and stones.
  • The Polymeric sand has rapid set technology for fast activation.
  • It can be used for joints up to 4 inches thick and has ASTM C!$$ gradation.


  • The Polymeric sand from Buddinco is an 18 lbs option ideal for small paving areas.
  • It is ideal for false joint pavers and can be used on pool decks, patios, footpaths, and walkways.
  • The Polymeric sand prevents erosion and is fully weatherproof.
  • It can cover 18 square feet from the 18 lbs bag option.

  • From Mutual Industries, we also have an excellent choice in Polymeric sand.
  • The polymeric sand is ideal for securing pavers into place.
  • It is a grey neutral color option.
  • The sand is a polymer modified for durability and elasticity.
  • It is ideal for preventing erosion between pavers and keeping weeds and insects at bay.


  • The Alliance Gator Polymeric sands use G@ Intelligent technology for pavers and natural joints.
  • It comes in a 50-pound bag and is a slate grey color.
  • The polymeric sand is OSHA Crystalline silica compliant and sets rain-safe within 15 minutes.
  • It is also a dust and haze-free formula.

Using the gator maxx polymeric sand from Alliance


  • The SRW Products Polymeric sands us the ideal Papermate.
  • It comes in a 50-pound bag and will solidify or pavers for many years,
  • The Paver sand us Rain fast and has joint stabilizing sand.
  • It is ideal for multiple applications.


  • The Dominator polymeric sand is of high quality and proves excellent results.
  • It is joint stabilizing sand for pavers with Ceramic Flex technology.
  • The color is ivory, which will look more natural.
  • The polymeric sand offers a good coverage rate and is easy to install.


  • The Buddinco Polymeric sand is ideal for pavers and joint stabilizing.
  • It comes in a 18 lbs amount.
  • The polymeric sand is white.
  • It easily sets above freezing temperatures.

Index Table: Top Rated Polymeric Sands

1Rhino Power Bond PLus - Slate Gray Polymeric Sand
  • Super sand
  • Slate Gray
Rhino Power98.3
2Alliance Gator Super - Polymeric Sand
  • 50 Lb
  • Slate Gray
  • ASTM C-144 Graded
Alliance Gator98
3Dominator 45 Pound - Polymeric Sand
  • Ceramic Flex Technology
  • Joints up to 4”
4Gator Maxx G2 - Intelligent Polymeric Sand
  • Beige
  • ASTM C144 Gradation
Gator Maxx97.7
5Buddinco Grey - Polymeric Sand
  • 18 Lbs
  • Joint Stabilizing sand
6Mutual Industries Lock-Em-Up - Polymeric Sand
  • Gray
  • Prevents Erosion
  • Easy to Use
Mutual Industries97.3
7Alliance Gator Maxx - Polymeric Sand
  • No Dust
  • No Haze
  • Slate Grey
8SRW Z3 - Polymeric Sand
  • 50 Pound Bag
  • Zero Dust
  • Zero Haze
9Dominator natural - Polymeric Sand
  • Ivory
  • Ceramic Flex Technology
10Buddinco White - Polymeric Sand
  • Stabilizing
  • White Color

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