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A pool alarm is a good and necessary investment to make if you have a swimming pool in your backyard.

If you have family members that cannot swim, pets, small children and babies, or even just wild animals that visit your garden, a pool alarm can definitely SAVE LIVES!!

In this article, I will explain the different types of Pool alarms, why you need one, and also show you some of the best available Pool Alarms on the market today.

The Benefits of a Pool Alarm

But before we get started, I want to encourage you to get a Pool alarm by explaining how it benefits everyone who owns a Swimming Pool;

  • Protect Children and Babies – Whether your pool is open or covered and whether your children can swim or not, accidents can happen. Small children that cannot swim may land up in the pool, or children that can swim may fall in, bump their head, and become unconscious. Literally, anything can happen when it comes to children and babies. If you do not have children, there is always the risk of neighborhood children landing up in your yard or children of visitors that may need protection. A pool alarm inside your pool or even on a child’s wrist can provide you with an early warning as soon as a child is inside the pool.
  • Protects Pets and Animals – Whether it is your pets, the pet of a visitor, or even wild animals such as rabbits and squirrels in your garden, they may land up in your swimming pool and not be able to get out. A pool alarm inside the pool is an excellent option in this regard. You also get a pool alarm that you can place on a cat or dog’s collar to warn you should they fall inside your swimming pool.
  • Adults that Cannot Swim – Believe it or not, you do get adults that cannot swim and older people who may not be able t swim anymore. So whether it is your won family or visitors, it is a good idea to have the protection of a pool alarm.
  • It is the Law – Then some cities and states have certain laws concerning pool owners, one of them which includes having a Pool alarm.

Two Types of Pool Alarms

Because there are two types of Pools, Above Ground Pools and Inground Pools, there are different alarm types for both pool types.

Above Ground Pools, just because they are high above the ground, are not less of a risk and need to have an alarm.

Pool alarms come in two forms; an alarm paced inside the pool or at the edge of the pool or an alarm that you can place on a child or adult wrist or the collar of a pet.

Features of a Good Pool Alarm

Pool alarms come in a variety of detection systems so let us discuss each according to their features;
pool alarm on water

  • Surface and Wave Detection Alarms Systems – The Surface and Wave Detection Alarm System floats on the surface of the water, and waves created when someone or something falls in causes the alarm to sound. This type of alarm is easy to use and requires no setup. It is also accurate. Yet keep in mind that and ANYTHINg that falls inside the pool will trigger the alarm.
  • General Surface and Sub Surface Detection Pool Alarm Systems – These alarm systems use more advanced technologies to read waves above and below the water’s surface. They are excellent in preventing false alarms yet not effective in protecting small pets under 15lbs in weight.
  • immersion Detection Wristbands or Collars – This is a special wristband that your Child or a person can wear or a collar for a pet. The alarm is triggered when someone or an animal falls in the water. It provides continuous protection to the wearer only with no setup or installation, yet it can easily be removed by children and pets, so it is not the safest option.
  • Perimeter Alarm System – This is an alarm system almost similar to a general laser sensor alarm that gets triggered as soon as a person or animal comes too close to the edge of the swimming pool. This is also an alarm system that is prone to false alarms as the sensors are susceptible.

Two of the most important features of a Good Pool Alarm System is that it needs to be LOUD enough so that you can hear it, and it needs to be 100% RELIABLE!

Reviews: The Best Pool Alarms

Below we have some of the best available surface, subsurface and immesriosn Pool Aalrms systems that you wil find;


The Pool Guard Above Ground Swimming Pool Alarm is the ideal Alarm for Above Ground Swimming Pools.

  • The Alarm is battery operated and has a design that floats inside the Above Ground Pool.
  • The Pool Alarm can also be used in smaller-sized ground pools, spas, and ponds for safety.
  • Once you place the pool alarm inside your pool, it is activated and will not deactivate,
  • The Poolguard Alarm detects larger intrusions such as a small child or dog, so it will not go off if sticks or leaves fall inside the pool.


This is an alarm that you pace by your pool gate to know when it opens or closes, or when someone passes through the gate.

  • It has a very loud 140dB sound alarm.
  • It is water and weatherproof and ideal for outdoor use.
  • There is no delay in the alarm sound immediately when someone enters the pool gate area.
  • Effective and ideal for a home with children.


The PoolGuard GAPT-2 is an Outdoor Pool Gate Alarm.

  • The Alarm is placed on any outdoor gate leading to your swimming pool.
  • As soon as the given gate is opened, the alarm will sound.
  • The Alarms stay on and automatically restest.
  • It will also sound when the gate is left open until it is fully closed again.


The Pool Patrol Pool Alarm is an alarm system that can be used inside larger pools.

  • The Alarm installs easily inside your pool with no damage to the walls of the pool.
  • The design is ideal for ground pools as well as larger-sized swimming pools.
  • There is an in-house remote receiver, and you can use multiple alarms in your pool, spa, and even pond.
  • The Alarm is loud and clear and can be easily heard.


The Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System is a Pool Motion sensor that is application controlled.

  • The Pool Alarm is designed with multiple sensors that detect motion when someone falls inside the swimming pool or body of water where it is used.
  • It is very versatile and can detect motion inside the water with a long-range of detection/.
  • The Pool alarm is also APP operated using Bluetooth as a base.
  • The Alarm is likewise designed to alert you as soon as a pool cover is removed or opened up.


Another great model from Poolguard is their PGRM-2 In-ground pool alarm.

  • The NSF and ASTM Certified Pool alarm is ideal for in-ground pools of all sizes.
  • The Poolguard is fully battery operated and designed to detect intrusions the size of a small child or dog.
  • Once you have installed the Poolguard inside your pool, it activates and will not deactivate again, staying in alarm mode.
  • It can be used in pools up to 800 square feet in size.


  • This is an above and inground water pool eye alarm.
  • It senses motion with an underwater sensor.
  • Very easy to install and use, it is battery-powered.
  • There will be fewer false alarms with the wave detection design.
  • It includes an in-home alarm as well.


  • This is an NSF-certified pool alarm.
  • It has an electronic sensor that detects any entry into the pool.
  • The remote receives sound when the alarm is activated, and it has a 100 feet wireless range.
  • The alarm is battery-operated and can detect objects of 18 pounds or more.


  • This is a small grey inground and above-ground pool alarm.
  • It has motion sensors sensing any waves inside the pool.
  • It is battery-operated and effortless to use.
  • There will be fewer false alarms with the unique sensors.
  • There is an 85Db siren that will alert you.


  • This pool alarm meets all Ul standards for Child Pool safety Laws.
  • It includes and an extra set of sensors in the package and a bypass reset button for use on sliding and screen doors.
  • The alarm is water and weather resistant,
  • It has a high 110 to 120 dB tone alarm with six tones.
  • It is an Always-on Alarm for your protection.

Index Table: Top Rated Pool Alarms

1Poolguard Above Ground - Swimming Pool Alarm
  • Above Ground Design
  • Automatic Reset
  • Portable
2Hendun Pool gate Alarm - Pool Alarm
  • Child and Pet Safety
  • gate Safety Alarm
  • Multiple Uses
3Poolguard GAPT-2 - Outdoor Pool Alarm
  • Automatic Reset
  • Use on Gate or Entry
4Pool Patrol PA-30 - Adjustable Pool Alarm
  • Easy Installation
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Multiple Alarms
Pool Patrol96
5Lifebuoy Sirens - Pool Alarm System
  • Smart Design
  • Bluetooth Based
  • Cover Alert
6PoolGuard PGRM - In Ground Pool Alarm
  • Battery Powered
  • NSF Certified
  • In House Remote Receiver
7PoolEye Inground/Aboveground - Pool Alarm
  • Works Inground and Above Ground
  • ASTM Compliant
8Blue Wave NA4212 - Alarm for Your Pool
  • NSF Certified
  • Electronic Sensor
  • Safe
Blue Wave97.4
9PoolEye PE14 - Small Pool Alarm
  • Water Motion Sensor
  • Easy Installation
10Techko S187D - Alarm for Your Pool
  • Light Grey
  • Safe
  • Water and Weather Resistant

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