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Shocking your pool is a good way to remove excess bacteria, bather waste, and combined Chlorine molecules, as well as other contaminants such as algae.

Pool Shock is a granular oxidizer, which is a powdered form of chlorine that treats pool water.

To perform a Pool Shock effectively, you will need the Best Pool Shock brand and model that offers good quality treatment for your Pool.

Why do You Need to Use Shock in Your Pool

Most Pools and spas, even Bromine treated pools and spas, will need a proper SHOCK now and then.
If you want to keep your Pool Water Clean, Safe, and Algae free, using a Shock treatment now and again will help you achieve that, as well as a proper pH balance.

The Shock treatment works almost instantly; some taking 15 minutes to clear your pool, and others may take 24 hours. Shock treatments are generally safe, and you may swim almost straight after use; make sure by reading the safety instructions.

There are a few reasons why this is necessary;

  • Algae – Most Alage treatments are only effective for a while or may not be that effective. Chlorine is the most effective treatment for Green, Mustard, and black algae types. That is why a Pool Shock is so effective for Alagea treatment and prevention.
  • Bacteria and Bathe Water Waste – Soaps and lotions from your skin may blend in with the pool water, along with harmful bacterias from a range of sources. A pool Shock eliminates bathe wastes as well as bacteria.
  • Chloramines, Contaminants, and Cloudy Water – Combined Chlorine Molecules can cause a strong smell and red eyes. Using Shock breaks apart these combined molecules. Shocking your pool likewise removes contaminants and balances the water so that it is less cloudy. Shocking Your Pool will also balance the pH and generally make water safer and clearer to swim in.
  • Start Up and Closed Down – When you Open up or Close down Your Pool for Winter breaks, it is good to start with a Pool Shock to remove all contaminants and bacteria and clean the water. This will ensure that you have a clear, clean, and safe pool for friends and family to swim in when summer starts.
  • Heavy Rain – After heavy rains, your pool may be filled with bacteria and contaminants, and there may be a growth of algae. Thus a Good Pool Shock can help to purify the water again.

Chlorine vs. Non-Chorine Pool Shock

  • Chemicals Used in a Pool Shock – Granular Pool Shock is your Best Option. Look for chemicals such as calcium Hypochlorite, Sodium Dichlor, and Potassium Monopersulfate, a Non-Chlorine-based chemical.
  • Chlorine or Non-Chlorine Options – Chlorine Shock Options are the most effective for Alagea and bacteria as well as Chlorine Blend molecules and contaminants. Non-Chlorine Shock Granules may not be as effective against Algae and Bacteria but is safer to use.

Features of a Good Pool Shock

Pool Shock Package

Here are a few features that make a certain model of Pool Shock ideal;

  • Chlorine Free – A Chlorine or Chlorine Free-based Pool shock option.
  • Effectiveness – Fast-acting and oxidizes contaminants within 15 minutes. Reduces the amount of Chlorine you will need t treat your pool. Do not Impact pH levels in your Pool. It dissolves fast and is stabilizing.
  • CHlorine – Contains around 70% available Chlorine in the Granular form.
  • Commpatibility – Compatible for all Pool Types. Do not damage Vinyl pools and linings.

Reviews: The Best Pool Shocks

From HTH, we have a Chlorine-based Pool Shock for killing bacteria and clarifying your swimming pool.
  • The HTH Pool Shock helps to increase Chlorine levels in your swimming pool.
  • It kills bacteria and algae effectively and keeps the water clear all season long.
  • You can apply it directly to your pool as needed, and it is compatible with all pool types, even those with liners.
  • The set includes 12 one-kilogram bags of Pool Shock to maintain your pool regularly.

The SpaGuard Enhanced Pool Shock removes unpleasant odors and clarifies your pool.
  • This is a powerful multipurpose quality pool Shock.
  • It acts as a Clarifierm Flocculent, and pH Buffer restrings the sparkle to your pool.
  • The Shock will remove unpleasant doors to form your pool.
  • It is ideal to use Chlorine and Bromide pools and spa.

The BioGuard Smart Shock eliminates nasty algae and bacteria in your pool and clarifies, oxidizes, and buffers pool water.
  • The BioGuard Smart Shock comes in four different options from which you can select.
  • It contains crystals that are very effective at killing Blue Alage types.
  • After treatment, you can swim in the water safely within fifteen minutes.
  • You can use it with the three-step or Three-step BioGuard Care system.

The HTH Super Green is designed specifically to treat green water or green algae in your swimming pool.
  • The HTH Super Green Shock can be obtained in different ack size options for your choice.
  • This is a specific formula that targets Green and Blue Alage as well as green-colored water.
  • You can apply it directly to pool water as needed, and it will turn the pool from Green to blue within 24 hours.
  • It is safe for all pool types, even those with vinyl liners.


The Aqua Clear pool Shock is safe for all swimming pools, effectively kills bacteria, and clarifies your pool water.

  • The Aqua Clear pool Shock will Kill bacteria, remove contaminants, and take care of cloudy water.
  • It is easily applied through your skimmer or directly into the depend on the pool.
  • It is safe for all pool-type san vinyl-lined pools.
  • The Shock comes in a 6 pack of 1lb option.

  • The Remington is a solar-powered automatic Pool Clarifier that does not use harsh chemicals or chlorine.
  • The device will save you 80% Chlorine use ad shock use.
  • There are no harmful substances. It works using solar power to clean your pool.
  • It also saves you time and money on brushing and cleaning your pool regularly or hiring a pool cleaner.


  • The In The Swim pool shock is a chlorine-based pool shock.
  • The pool shock is powerful and effective.
  • You can choose from different pack sizes.
  • It comes in single dosages that are easy to use.


  • The Clorox pool and Spa shock comes in easy open and pour bottles.
  • It is multi-functional with algae-fighting crystals.
  • It will also help to improve your filter performance.
  • The pool shock will not affect the Ph of your pool.


  • The Aqua Chem Pool shock will also clarify water.
  • It comes in different pack sizes of single dosages.
  • The pool shock is an all-in-one design that clears, clarifies, and creates sparkling clear water.
  • You can swim as soon as 15 minutes after use as it is safe.

  • Nature 2 Cense is an aromatherapy Spa shock that you can also use in your pool.
  • It is completely natural and contains minerals.
  • The system sanitizes and clears the water with a lovely aroma.
  • Ideal for your spa and can be used in smaller-sized pools.

Index Table: Top Rated Pool Shocks

1HTH Super Shock - Chlorine Shock for Your Pool
  • Kills Bacteria and Algae
  • Can Apply regularly
  • Keeps Water Clear
2SpaGuard Enhanced Shock - Pool Shock
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Odor Removal
  • Chlorine Compatible
3BioGuard Smart Shock - Non-Chlorine Pool Shock
  • Non-Chlorine
  • Kills Algae and Bacteria
4HTH Super Green - Pool Shock
  • Size Options
  • Kills Green Algae
  • Treats Green Pools
5Aqua Clear ACL - Shock for Your Pool
  • Kils Bacteria
  • Safe
  • All Pool Types
Aqua Clear97
6Remington Solar Chlorine-Free Sun Shock - Solar Powered Pool Clarifier
  • Safe
  • easy To Use
  • Saves You on Chlorine
Remington Solar97.3
7In The Swim Chlorine - Pool Shock
  • Size Options
  • Powerfull
  • Six Set
In The Swim97.5
8Clorox Pool and Spa - Shock for a Pool
  • Multi-Functional
  • Clear Water
  • Kills Bacteria
9Aqua Chem Pack Shock - Pool Shock
  • Shock and Water Clarifier
  • Pack Options
Aqua Chem97
10Nature 2 Cense Non-Chlorine - Shock for a Pool
  • Spa Shock
  • Aromatherapy
  • Ideal for Pool Use
Nature 2 Cense97

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