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Algae Blooms are one of those inevitable parts of owning a swimming pool.

Algae come with many problems such as water bugs, infections, and irritants that can damage or pool and are unhealthy to you.

This article looks at some of the best available Algaecides for your swimming pool that works on various Algaes.

When Should You Add Algaecide to Your Pool

A good Algaecide will kill the Algae and mold affecting your pool water; however, it is better to use it as a preventative measure than a cure.

While Algaecide will not affect your pool water’s pH balance, it will prevent all types of algae from growing. As well as work along with your Chlorine sanitizer to keep the levels balanced.
It would be best if you used your Algaecide after every shock treatment to have a better chance to help your Chlorine work for the pH levels to return to normal.

Adding the Algaecide to different places around your pool after shock treatment while the pump is still running is the best time, as this allows the Algaecide to circulate more efficiently.

Ensure to wait 24 hours after the shock treatment when Chlorine was added for levels to slowly return to normal before adding the Algaecide to not interfere with the chemical processes.

Your pool will be safe enough to use 30 minutes after using Algaecide, as most Algaecides ate not harmful to you directly.

However, if not used properly, Algaecides such as Copper algaecides can cause staining to the walls of your swimming pool, and quat Algaecides may foam and damage your pool filters.

Types of Pool Algaes

But Before we can get into which Algaecides to use, let us first take a peek at the different types of Algae that may occur inside your swimming Pool;

  • Black Algae – Black Algae usually occurs because someone swam in a natural pool of water such as a lake, river, dam, or ocean and did not wash themselves or their swimwear before jumping into the swimming pool.
  • Green Algae – The most common Algae we know is the Green Algae. This is usually because of a lack of sanitation in the pool, inadequate cleaning or maintenance, and a high ph level. So you will most likely notice Green Algae when you have not cleaned out your swimming pool for quite a while.
  • Yellow Algae (Mustard Algae) – The Yellow or Mustard Algae is predominant in Souther areas because of the climate and is a form of Green Algae that is resistant to Chlorine.

Things such as a change in water temperature or high water temperatures, sunlight, improper pH balance, and a faulty filtration system are all causes of Algae forming inside your swimming pool. If you address some of these issues and regularly maintain your swimming pool, you will likely not have Algae issues.

Features of a Good Pool Algaecide

Algaecides mostly come in either a liquid or granular formula, and most of them are safe to use in swimming pools, ponds without fish, water features, and spas or hot tubs.

Let us look at some of the different types of Algaecides and their features;

Pool Algaecide Bottle being emptied to a pool

  • Sodium Bromide – Sodium Bromide is the best choice as a sanitizer and Algae inhibitor that kills Algae and bacteria and works in conjunction with Chlorine.
  • Silver Algaecide – Silver Algaecide effectively kills BLACK ALGAE, which is hard to eliminate. You can also use this Algaecide in conjunction with other products.
  • Copper Algaecide – Copper Algaecide is one of the most common types of Algaecides and usually the cheapest. Algae hate copper. That is why it is so effective. The only downfall is that Copper Algacides that contain too much copper may stain the walls of your pool. Algae may also become resistant to copper.

Reviews: The Best Pool Algaecides


Clorox Pool and Spa Algaecide is a High-Quality Algaecide that targets different types of Algae effectively and safely.

  • The Algaecide is ideal for Green, Mustard, and Black Algae and is an all-in-one AAlgae eliminator.
  • You can use it in various pool types, and it helps to create crystal clear water.
  • It also kills bacteria and has a non-staining and non-foaming safe formula.
  • The formula acts fast, within 24 hours after application.


The In The Swim Pool Algaecide is an effective and non-foaming safe Algaecide.

  • There are two size options available in the formula.
  • The Algaecide is very effective and acts fast with a highly concentrated copper formula that works well on Black Algae and Green Algae.
  • The non-foaming design will not affect the filters of your swimming pool.
  • The safe ingredients allow you to swim straight after the application.


The KemTek pool and Spa Algaecide are concentrated and very safe to use.

  • This is a fast-acting and effective Algaecide that works on most types of Algae.
  • It is a salt system compatible, non-foaming, and ideal for treatment and prevention.
  • The Algaecide also helps to clarify the water in your pool and is safe for all pool types.
  • You will get a value pack of two bottles of Algaecide in your package.


From Applied Biochemists, the Silvertrine Pack is formulated especially for hard-to-kill black and yellow Algae.

  • The High-Quality Alagecide works wonders on black and mustard Algae.
  • It contains silver that kills and prevents Algae’s growth, even the most deeply rooted Algae cells.
  • You can swim straight after the application as it has a completely safe formula.
  • It is also compatible with most chlorine and bromine sanitizers.


The Eclipse3 Pool Algaecide is a three-in-one pool care system.

  • The three-in-one Pool care System contains Clarifying agents to create clear water, balance pH, and kill and prevent Alage.
  • It is very effective at killing different types of Alage and preventing re-growth.
  • It will reduce the need for chlorine and create a proper pH balance in your swimming pool.
  • This treatment is likewise all-natural in ingredients.


The SeaKlear Yellow Algae Control Algaecide is effective and safe to use.

  • The Algaecide will control and kill Algae and maintain clear and clean water inside your pool.
  • This is one of the best available Algaecides for Mustard or Yellow Alage types.
  • It is straightforward, easy, and safe to use.
  • The formula consists of safe Sodium Bromine.


  • It kills all algae types, green-black and yellow, in your pool.
  • You can apply it directly to the pool; no micing is needed.
  • Compatable in Vinyl and salwater ppols.
  • Non-Foaming dissolves very fast.


  • Comes in a set of two packs for single dosages.
  • Non-metallic algaecide is ideal for all pool types.
  • It prevents and kills all types of algae.
  • You can also use it for weekly maintenance.


  • The Algaecide will cut chlorine usage by 25 % to 65%.
  • It is effective against all types of algae.
  • One bottle will last an average 20 000 gallon pool easily.
  • It also improves the water quality substantially.


  • The Aleagcide is effective against all types of algae and acts fast.
  • It is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.
  • It also eradicates more stubborn algae, such as yellow and purple-brown algae.
  • A small amount added to the pool surface will act as insect repellent.

Index Table: Top Rated Pool Algaecides

1Clorox Pool and Spa - XtraBlue Pool Algaecide
  • All In One Formula
  • Great Quality
  • Affordable
  • Kills Bacteria
2In The Swim Super - Pool Algaecide
  • Highly Concentrated
  • Fast Acting
  • Can Swim Straight After Application
In The Swim98
3Kem-Tek Pool and Spa - Concentrated Pool Algaecide
  • Value Two Pack
  • Clarifys water
  • Salt System Compatible
4Applied Biochemist Algaetrine - Pool Algaecide
  • Ideal for Black and Mustard Algae
  • Contains Silver
  • Odorless
  • Non-Foaming
Applied Biochemist96.5
5Eclipse3 Control System - Pool Algaecide
  • Three in One System
  • Reduces Chlorine Use
6SeaKlear Yellow Klear - Pool Algaecide
  • Sodium Bromide Formula
  • Simple to Use
  • For Yellow and Green Algae
7HTH Super - Algaecide for Your Pool
  • Vinyl Pool Compatible
  • Non-Foaming
  • Fast Dissolving
8Pool Mate two Pack - Pool Algaecide
  • Options in Sizes
  • Non-Metallic
Pool Mate97.1
9EasyCare 30064 - Algaecide for Your Pool
  • Chlorine Salt Booster
  • Clarifier
  • Algaecide
10Bio-Dex Fast Acting - Pool Algaecide
  • High Concentration
  • Multipurpose

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