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If you want to create more excitement at your pool parties or provide your children with a fun activity in the swimming pool, then the Best Pool Basketball Hoop is exactly what you need.

Generally, pool Basketball Hoops are very easy to set up and come in different options that you can select from. This article looks at some of the best available models and designs for the Pool Basketball Hoop.

The Two Types of Basketball Hoops

When it comes to Pool Basketball Hoops, there are three main designs that you can consider;

  • The Floating Pool Basketball Hoop – As the name says, this is an inflatable design or a Foam design Pool basketball Hoop that Floats on top of the water in your pool. These are very easy to install and use and can be taken off or deflated when you are playing. They are ideal as a portable or storable designs.
  • Portable Pool Basketball Hoops – Also Portable, these Basketball Hoops sit on the deck of your pool with a wight that is filled with water or sand in the base.
  • The Fixed Pool Basketball Hoop – This is a more permanent fixture that is fixed to your pool wall or sides and requires some assembly and tools. It is a durable and permanent fixture.

A Few Consideration Before Getting a Basketball Hoop for Your Pool

As you will see, there are a few options in basketball hoops for your pool, which may also differ in price from the Floating cheaper versions to the more expensive deck mounting versions.

Besides this, here are a few considerations in choosing the best available Pool Basketball Hoop;

  • Age Group – For children, you may need a hoop that is lower so that they can easily reach the hoop.
  • Safety – For attached Hoops, the design must be sturdy and durable for hard handling and even hanging on the hoop.
  • Pool Compatibility – Most Floating Pool basketball Hoops are suitable for above ground pools. However, ost Attaching Pool basketball Hoops are more ideal for Inground Pool. Make sure that the specific model you choose is compatible with the type of pool that you have.
  • Durable Backboard – The Backboard of the Pool Basketball Hoop design should be durable enough to withstand many knocks from the ball.
  • Rust and Weather Resistant – The materials should be durable and rust-resistant in water. Also, look for designs that offer some UV protection.
  • Assembly – Look for designs that assemble easily and that are more sturdy. Floats will usually be inflatable, while on deck, Hoops can be attached easily or more permanently to your pool.

Features of a Good Pool Basketball Hoop

Girl Throwing Ball to a Pool Basketball Hoop

  • Height and Adjustment – A good Poolside Basketball Hoop should have the perfect height for your family or children or have adjustability features so that you can adjust the heights to cater to different needs.
  • Suitability – Ensure that the model you pick is suitable for your pool, whether above ground or inground, as not all models are suited to above-ground pools. Open the package and make sure that you have all the accessories and tools needed for installation.
  • Safe and Durable – The Hoop should be safe and secure when fixed in your pool. Look for quality and durable materials, as well as a safety instruction manual.

Reviews: The Best pool Basketball Hoops

Below we have some top quality and full sets of Basket Ball Hoops for your swimming Pool;


The GoSports Pool basketball hoop comes in a full set of two balls, a hoop, and a pump.

  • The Gosports Splash Basketball Hoop is an attachable Hoop that comes in a red or blue color option.
  • It is easily installed with a weighted base for security and stability that you fill with water.
  • The design is ideal for inground pools.
  • The Basketball Hoop comes complete with Balls and a pump.


GoSports offers you the selection between their floating 360 Basketball Hoop, LAX Lacrosse set, or a Football laying set for your pool.

  • Another addition from GoSports is their Lacrosse design set that includes the Balls, hoop, and Pump.
  • This is a floating design with a sturdy frame.
  • You can choose from the Splash Hoop, Splash Lax lacrosse, or Splash Pass Football design as you desire.
  • The assembly is instant, and the design is very durable.

  • The Swimline Cool jam is a Pro poolside basketball hoop.
  • It is a super-wide design and commercial quality.
  • The Basketball hoop has a wide molded hard body backboard, and a regular-sized game ball is included.
  • It is sturdy and water weighable.

The SwimWays two in One combo Pool basketball Hoop set is a heavy-duty design that is very easy to assemble.
  • The SwimWay basic pool basketball Set is a combination design to be used for Volleyball or Basketball.
  • It has a durable water-filled base and design that sits on the deck of your pool.
  • The design is straightforward to assemble and requires no tools.
  • The Combo set includes a volleyball net, volleyball, two basketball hoops, and base, and a basketball.
  • The heavy Duty constructions are easy and will last longer and are weather, as well as wear and tear-resistant.


The Bestkid Pool Basketball set comes complete with balls, a Pump, and needles. It is effortless to install and has non-leak valves.

  • The Bestkid Basketball set is constructed from premium materials that will last long and endure the weather.
  • It has ultra-thick PVC with non-leaky valves and is safe and non-toxic.
  • This is an inflatable basketball hoop set that includes a ball, pump, and 2 needles.
  • It is fun and ideal for all ages and can be used in inground or above-ground pools alike.


The Poolmaster Splashback Pool Hoop Set comes fully equipped and has a very hardy and all-weather design.

  • The Poolmaster Splashback Model has an all-weather hard backboard that is very durable.
  • The base is filled with water or sand and will stand firmly.
  • It includes a 24 inch PVC hoop and an all-weather design Polyethelen net.
  • You will also get a game ball and its inflatable needles.
  • This Hoop is recommended for older children from 8 years up as well as for adults.


  • The H2GoGo pool basketball hoop is ideal for those pool parties.
  • This is a two in one pool toy for ring toss and pool basketball.
  • It inflates and deflates quickly and is portable.
  • You get the full game set with everything that you need.


  • This is a Hoop and Basketball system for your poolside.
  • The telescoping rim adjusts to four inches from 3 inches.
  • It is a classic basketball ring-style rim in an al weathered red color.
  • The backboard is a high-density polyethylene for strength and stability.


  • From Intex, you have the full deal.
  • This is a family-sized inflatable pool with a basketball hoop.
  • It is durable and easy to inflate and deflate, not to mention portable.
  • The pool has a drain plug and comes with everything you need.

Index Table: Top Rated pool Basketball Hoops

1GoSports Splash Hoop - Pool Basketball Hoop
  • Hoop
  • Two Balls
  • Pump
2GoSports Splash Hoop 360 - Basketball Hoop for Your Pool
  • Floating device
  • Full Set
  • Options
3Swimline Cool Jam - Pool Basketball Loop
  • Super Wide
  • Quality
  • Adjustable
4SwimWays 2 in 1 - Combo Pool Basketball Hoop
  • Combo Set
  • Plastic
  • Heavy Duty design
5Bestkid Ball Store Hoop Set - Basketball Hoop Set for Your Pool
  • Full Set
  • Easy Installation
  • Premium Qaulity
Bestkid Ball Store97
6Poolmaster 72820 Splashback - Pool Basketball Hoop
  • All Weather Design
  • Hard Body
  • PVC Hoop
7H2GOGO Pool Play - Basketball Loop for Pool
  • Portable
  • Inflatable
  • Full Game Set
8YJYDD Poolside - Pool Basketball Loop
  • Hoop System
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
9Intex Shootin Swim center - Basketball Loop and Pool
  • Hoop and Pool
  • Family Size
  • Inflatable
Intex Shootin97

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