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Deliberate tanning has been practiced by many women and even men for many years worldwide. Tanning is more common in individuals, which is an individual’s whore bronzed complexion.

Tanning can be uncomfortable on a towel or regular Chair, and Chairay not test the desired results, so why not opt for a proper tanning Chair or Chaise Lounger as they are known?

These Chairs’ adjustable chaise loungers to give you the most comfortable lounging positions to get a full and proper tan.

Is Tanning Healthy

Though today you may hear many things about the dangers of UV rays and the sun, and we are all encouraged to wear sunscreen.

Tanning can be dangerous, and it can be beneficial.

Overexposure to the sun can increase aging and your risk of developing skin cancer. Lying in the sun for too long may result in sunburns that could be quite severe and damaging to your skin, not to mention extremely painful.

However, having a slight tan to very light skin offers some protection against sunburn you will have on very pale white skin.

On the other hand, some sun exposure is for proper absorption of Vitamin D, which use diseases and problems.

So, while tanning in moderation and using proper sun care products is beneficial, excessive tanning and not taking care of your skin can be very harmful.

Choosing a Tanning Chair

Tanning Chairs are essentially outdoor Chaise loungers, chairs with backrests and long seats that you place your legs and feet on or lie fat.

  • Adjustable Back Rest – Ensure that the tanning chair has a back that can flatten completely or adjust in recline positions where you can lie flat or sit up.
  • Face and Arm Holes – For tanning Your back, many tanning chairs will come with a face hole and arm holes or rests so that you can comfortably lie flat on your stomach to tan your back.
  • Extras – Many tanning Chairs come with extra pillows, side pews, or storage pockets for your convenience.
  • Durable – Outdoor tanning chairs are constructed of durable materials that can resist rust and ear-resistant, quick-drying materials.

Features of a Good Tanning Chair

Tanning Chairs

  • Size and Weight Capacity – The Tanning Chair should hold your weight comfortably with a sturdy frame. The size needs to be considered as you want a comfortable set that also fits into the space required
  • Materials – The fabric used for the Chair shorthair is durable Oxford or nylon, or neoprene that can withstand weather elements and that is quick drying. The frame can be treated with wood, plastic, or powder-coated steel that is rustproof.
  • Portability – You will need to check because some tanning chairs have a heavier, more fixed design. In contrast, others are more lightweight and come with a foldable design and handy carry bag for portability.
  • Additional Features – We have chosen mostly Lounge chairs for tanning that have a face hole so that you can comfortably tan your back. Some models have other extras, including support cushions, removable pillows, side storage pockets, or cup holders.
  • Adjustable Chair – Your tanning chair should have an adjustable back so that you can lie flat or sit up straight in the lounge chair.

Reviews: The Best Tanning Chairs

Here we have some of the most comfortable adjustable tanning chairs that are available;


  • The GoPlus Patio Lounge Chair is an Adjable and foldable tanning chair that is poured and suitable for all uses.
  • It comes with a set face hole for tanning and has a remote pillow for your comfort foldable feature allows you to save space, and take your tanning chair with you for beach and camping trips.
  • The tanning chair has a comfortable adjustable backrest for more positions.

Visit the Giantex Store

  • The Giantex Beach Chaise Lounger is a comfortable and folds, foldable hair that covers all your needs.
  • The tanning chair has a comfortable face cavity for tanning your back and a detachable pillow. There are comfortable arm slots to place your arms and douches for convenience.
  • The back of the Chair is Chair adjustable, so you can easily change your positions.
  • The Chair is fairly and fully portable.


  • The Purple Leaf tanning chair is a comfortable oversized Chaise Lounger that comes as a set with side tables.
  • It is ideal for placing on your patio or next to a swimming pool. However, it is more of a stationary tanning chair option.
  • The back of the Chair is chaired adjustable for your comfort, and the set comes with two very convenient side tables for you to use.
  • It consists of all weather, resistant, durable materails and comes in a few color options from which you can choose as needed.


  • The Tangkula Beach Chaise Lounger is ideal for tanning and relaxing.
  • It is a foldable and portable tanning chair that has a five-level adjustable back recline and ergonomic design for your comfort,
  • The tanning chair comes with a removable pillow and a face hole so you can easily tan your back area.
  • The structure is sturdy and durable with fabric and materials that are suitable for all weather conditions and will withstand wear and tear easily.
  • The portable design is easy to fold and store or travel with.


  • From Amazon Basics, we have a comfortable Zero Gravity tanning Chair, so you can tan in any position.
  • The Chair has a rust-resistant Chairder coated steel frame and a double bungee support system of wear-resistant Textilene fabric.
  • It has a 200-pound capacity, a comfortable padded headrest, and contoured armrests.
  • The Chair can Chairne into zero gravity positions and is foldable for easy storage and portability.


  • The WeJoy Adjustable Tanning chair is an excellent portable option for the beach and pool so that you can enjoy the sun at your favorite spots.
  • The Chair has a Chaire downhole to tan your back, with additional armrests and holes comfortably.
  • It can recline or flat for your convenience and offers good back support.
  • The tanning chair has resistant materials for all weather and a removable pillow and shoulder strap for comfort.

Index Table: Top Rated Tanning Chairs

1Goplus Patio - Tanning Chair
  • Adjustable
  • Folding
  • Face Hole
2Giantex Chaise Lounge - Tanning Chair
  • Folding
  • Face Cavity
  • Portable
3Purple Leaf Oversized - Outdoor Tanning Chair
  • Large
  • Many Colors
Purple Leaf97
4Tangkula Beach - Tanning Chair
  • Lounge Chair
  • Side Pockets
5Amazon Basics Textilene - Zero Gravity Tanning Chair
  • Adjustable
  • Zero Gravity
  • More Colors
Amazon Basics97.7
6Wejoy Folding - Tanning Chair
  • Face Down
  • Adjustable

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